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We are one of the leading medical consultancies of India because of our high-standard services. To maintain this reputation we work continuously with complete dedication. We don’t compromise with the quality of services that we offer to our students. The services we offer and provide to the students are completely genuine and affordable without a doubt. Satisfaction of our clients is the only thing we work for. We allow complete transparency to our students. We don’t hide even a bit from them. Every service of ours is for them and they have the complete right to raise queries if they have any.
The students who have availed our services are studying in foreign universities with good academic progressions. Their success is proof of our services being top class. The students who approach us don’t have to go anywhere else. We entirely take care of the needs and requirements of the students. We aim for the better future of our students and we don’t settle for less.

1. Honest Counseling

Our capable counsellors give completely honest advice to the students. They help the students to realize their true potential and help them to take wise decisions for their future.

2. 100% Guaranteed Admission

We guarantee your admission to your preferred university if you provide your documents in time. Also, it is mandatory to pay all the processing fees in time so that we can carry out the admission procedure smoothly.

3. Pre Departure Guidance

Every information that the student requires prior to their arrival at the university is provided to them. In addition to that, our experts also guide the students as well as their parents thoroughly about the university and its students.

4. Post Departure Guidance

After their arrival at the destination, our executives will not only guide the students to the university but also take care of their accommodation until your classes begin. They will also help them with the final documentation process.

5. Travel Assistance

We provide all the travel guidelines to the students before their departure. Apart from this, if the parents wish to accompany their children to the university then we also make arrangements for that.

6. Forex Assistance

Foreign exchange is one of the most essential parts of the whole process. We help the students with their currency exchange as per the prevailing rate.

7. Guidance for FMGE/NEXT

The students need not worry about the FMGE or MCI screening test as our highly-qualified doctors and medical experts will provide complete guidance for the same.

8. Local Support

If a student chooses to study in one of our recommended universities, then we can provide local support in that region throughout their academics. This is not applicable if the candidate demands admission in a college we don’t represent.

9. Road map from UG to PG

We not only assist you with your entrance to a college for under-graduation but also prepares you for your further studies. We pave your path for a successful career in the field of medical science.

10. Study Materials for FMGE/NEXT/USMLE

United Medical Consultants Pvt Ltd provides the students with various types of study material like video lectures and tutorials, ebooks and sample question papers at no extra cost.